Susie works from a place of integrity, truth and trust and is able to facilitate healing on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

About Me

As a highly evolved soul, Susie has spent many years studying various therapies and treatments working on herself.



Receiving a sound treatment is very similar to reiki, in the way that the client lays on a couch fully clothed.



Susie is a highly committed and passionate energy worker and her strong devotion to sound healing enriches the experience of her sessions.

As a direct link to the source energy, along with cosmic vibrations, star channeled sounds – Susie can assist you in moving forward with your life with grace and ease, allowing room for growth, expansion, positive light and energy to encompass a new you in your entirety.

“Love is a source beyond all potential – let us all unite and work together in bringing this universal truth to the here and now.”