About Susie Smith

Susie is extremely intuitive and sensitive to the work needed with each client she works with. As a highly evolved soul, Susie has spent many years studying various therapies and treatments working on herself. Taking the viewpoint that in becoming the best at what she can be, first she must clear, heal, release old energies/beliefs from herself – using many styles of reiki, theta healing, sound healing, past life regression, future life and lives between lives…….all playing a huge part in allowing the release of personal fears, abandonment and self judgement.

Then she met and worked with an incredible group of light workers, Zac and The Collective – through this meeting of souls and beings Susie’s energy and soul has transcended through dimensions, allowing a blending and uniting of higher energies, from cosmic beings, stars, ascended masters, angels and goddesses. This all now flows through her soul and is channelled as sound through her voice.

The energies that Susie channels is available to all, knowing that people are sent to her in order for the work to be done. Susie’s clients range from therapists, lightworkers to new souls looking to discover their meaning and purpose in life.


Susie Smith


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