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Aiya Star Sounds Course

Aiya Star Sounds Course


• Connect to heart’s desire and manifest your dreams into reality
• Learn a new tool which has proven to shift vibration
• Release old patterns, beliefs, energy
• Bring your mind and body and soul into complete alignment

This is a new healing course that has been channelled by Susie, which will align you to the conscious energy of Aiya Star. Aiya, is the sister energy to our planet Gaia who has connected with Susie allowing her to access higher frequencies and new dimensional energies, giving her the ability to teach this new healing system to others.

On completion of the course, you will be able to uplift the consciousness of humanity and the consciousness of Gaia through channelled voice sounds, bringing in great transformations for yourself during the process of the course.

Voice healing is pioneering throughout the holistic world – learn how to channel sound and change the vibration of yourself and those who you work with. Learn how to shift negative sub-conscious beliefs and old out-dated energy patterns.

This course is available to all, in particular those who are experienced in reiki, energy healing, developing consciousness. You will learn how to traverse the dimensions connecting with dragons, angels, liquid crystals and much more.

At this time where humanity is moving their awareness into the hearts centre and where karma has been eradicated, now is the time to work fully in alignment with your true heart’s desire. As ever this is a choice and not a requirement.

The resilience of the heart is strong, this is a journey that takes courage and persistence which will break through old programs and see you shine as a warrior of the heart.
True heart’s desire can only lead to growth…
Held over three weekends, contact me for more information.


0783 4478 237


Carol Thawley-
“Susie is a wonderfully knowledgeable and very talented energy worker.
Her sound channelling course is an invaluable introduction to the power of sound.
Throughout the course we had the opportunity to connect with the unique vibrations of Aiya Star & learned to channel these vibrations and develop connections to aid deeper healing.
I continue to enjoy sessions where Susie idea her powerful sound and connections to aid healing within the groups she works with.”

Danielle Bartram-
Amazing experience. Thoroughly enjoyed all the course has to offer. There’s definetly no sound like Susies! Her friendly personality and skilled approach to sound healing was very beneficial and something I will use for myself in the future. Would highly recommend.

Course Dates:

Essex: 11/12th May, 10/11th August, 9/10th November 2019

London: 5/6th October 2019, 2020 dates tbc

South West: dates tbc

Please contact me for information – 07843 478237


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