Reflexology is the practice of working the reflexes in the feet which correspond to other parts of the body, by using alternating pressure on the feet and specific hand and finger techniques.
Reflexology creates relaxation in corresponding parts of the body. Relaxation is the first step to normalisation and equilibrium where circulation can flow unimpeded and supply nutrients and oxygen to the cells as intended by nature. Our bodies are intrinsic complex structures which under normal circumstances and in most instances should be able to heal themselves. Stressful conditions of today’s society leave our bodies so tense that they cannot function correctly – they can’t cope – so manifest in all sorts of disorders and disease. Reflexology helps to reverse the effects of stress, so that the body is in a more relaxed state and can therefore heal itself.

Conditions suited to reflexology:

  • stress
  • anxiety/insomnia
  • IBS
  • digestive
  • respiratory
  • infertility/pregnancy
  • back pain/sciatica
  • asthma/lung disorders
  • sinus
  • muscle pain
  • hormone related

Treatment time

1 hour – £45