Susie is a highly committed and passionate energy worker and her strong devotion to sound healing enriches the experience of her sessions. She will introduce you to the magical world of toning, guides and energies from many dimensions which is a cosmic delight beyond imagination. There is no doubt that Susie leads and inspires both clients and students along a path of significant transformation and healing on many different levels – all as it should be and held in a safe and sensitive way.



Susie has a beautiful loving energy. Her reiki healing always feels very strong and heart based. Her gong baths are incredible and take me on a deep journey of healing and self reflection. I would highly recommend her to all.



I have received sounding from Susie, her voice is powerful and sonorous.

On the first occasion it was combined with massage and reiki, the depth and richness of Susie’s voice surprised me. She sounded for about five minutes with intent to ease discomfort in my arthritic hip. The sounds vibrated inside my head creating an ultra-relaxed feeling. After the sounding everything felt incredibly still, I didn’t want to move. When I did move the discomfort in my hip had definitely eased! Thank you

I’ve attended many of Susie’s Gong Baths, her gong playing is beautiful I always feel relaxed after. On the last Gong Bath I attended I was pleased to hear Susie say she would be sounding too. Laying down I listened to Susie sounding and the extra depth given to it by the reverberations from the Gong that were singing along! I remember hearing the sounding and then the gongs starting and nothing more. At the end of the Gong Bath I realised I’d slept deeply and on waking was incredibly relaxed with an almost “otherworldly” feel. Simply beautiful.



Working with Susie has been a really enjoyable experience. I have to admit to being a bit of a non spiritual person and was sceptical as to how she could help me but the treatments I have had really helped and I found Susie to be excellent throughout. It has been part of a healing process for me which has been tough, her treatment and therapy was an integral part of this. I can not thank her enough. Seeing someone like Susie was not an easy step for me to take, yet I can’t imagine not doing it anymore. If you are dealing with a tough patch in your life or stressed in general, then get yourself booked in.



I received sound healing from Susie, an amazing experience, very relaxing and soothing to the soul, felt completely at ease as the incredible voice sounds filled my body with a sense of peace. She’s a beautiful soul with an amazing energy. Very pleased.



I'm really glad that I came to see you as you seemed to spot the problem I was experiencing really quickly and this became much of the focus of our session .

You were very open and understanding of the difficulties I have been experiencing over the past few weeks allowing me to express my thoughts and feelings which in itself was a great relief.

At the start of the sound therapy I was taken straight from back to the focus of my problem and through your chanting found release and unblocking. Also I felt intense heat when you placed your hands over me and a feeling of healing and comfort. This was accompanied by images of my loved ones which brought an intense feeling of support and well being.