Evolving, growth, change…..all interpretations of transformation. Often we think of the metamorphoses of the caterpillar to a butterfly or perhaps the snake shedding its skin. Both animals play strong roles in the description of the spiritual sense of the word transformation.

If we look at the soul and the human transformation, I believe that we looking for enlightenment. Buddha comes to mind or Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. I believe that humans incarnate to raise their energy, their consciousness through lessons received in their lifetime. Perhaps your soul has a specific role to play in this world.

Quite often at the beginning of a spiritual workshop or reiki class that I am hosting, I will say and with a giggle that “I am not a Guru, I am me, I am what I have become through ten years of transformation”. Of attending many workshops, classes, events, of listening to other spiritual teachers and allowing words and energies to transform me to become the very best version of myself so that I can assist clients and students with their own transformations.

Change isn’t easy, I have spent a lot of time looking deeper into who I am and what I represent and what I have become in my work has surprised me. If someone had said to me five, ten years more ago that I would be connecting inter-dimensionally and channelling sound through my voice, I think I would have laughed. However, I trust who I have become, I have learned to decipher what is right or wrong for my needs. My transformation has shown me how to let go of insecurities and self-limiting beliefs. I used to turn to other people for confirmation of who I am and now I can turn to myself.

I don’t ask people to understand, what I ask is that people are open minded in their own transformation. Seek what feels right, sometimes this is a secure knowing and every now and again with a little aaarrrggghhhh thrown in. You can’t always transform from a place that is comfy…..dip that toe out of water and allow yourself to be the very best version that you can be.

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