Receiving a sound treatment is very similar to reiki, in the way that the client lays on a couch fully clothed. I use my voice to channel sounds to release old behaviour patterns, old energies to create a shift of the negative beliefs which provides space to download an abundance of love, positivity and healing.

A blend of reiki, gongs, singing bowls are used after the channeled sounds to soothe, harness and integrate the healing.

Prior to treatment there is a discussion to what the client needs, a way of setting intention for the session. This is created through connection to the energy and soul of the client using meditation and energy work.

A treatment lasts an hour - £65.


Remote sessions are also available - contact is first made through email or a phone call, setting and creating an intention as the client needs. The sounds will then be created and recorded at a later date. Once received by the client via email,  they can be listen to as many times as needed.

Remote recording £35